ART@VENT is an annual two week event in "Ötztal" in the alps of Tyrol. It's a wonderful experience of nature, literature and culture. I was excited to have been invited to a work/hike experience in Vent, in the highest located village in Austria.

The region comes with a bouquet of stories and sagas, one of them in particular caught my attention. It talks about a guy named Doris, who makes a deal with the devil in exchange for hunting fortune. By an evil spell the devil holds the chamois in place so Doris would never miss his target. Read the whole saga here.

After hiking and experiencing the variety of textures, colors and forms of the area I visualised this moment with pencil and Papercraft.

The second invited artist on this adventure was Lip Comarella from Salon Alpin. He came up with a series of miniature sketches, both amazing in simplicity and spontaneity. It was lovely to see some elderly people of Vent immediately recognizing the illustrated locations, but at the same time pointing out, in polite but firm manner, the occasional accuracy flaws in the representation of their dear mountains.

Thank you for this wonderful time to Ursula Scheiber, Peter Stoeckl and the entire Art@Vent team.