OFFF Vienna

OFFF Vienna lived up to its prestigious name. I am very grateful for the tremendous experience, the heartwarming positive feedback and the truly inspiring conversations with great creative minds.



Thank you Nini Tschavoll for the joyful conversation and the kind feature. Reading through the different articles of MADAME WIEN, I noticed how much I still have to discover in our beautiful Vienna.

Read the full article here.



Although I still feel more at home behind the camera, it was a unique experience being portrayed alongside other amazing Viennese Artists and craftsmen for the culture documentary “Aufgetischt - Wien handgemacht”. 

Watch the full documentary here.

“WIEN ist seinen Bewohnern zu zumuten .... und seinen Besuchern auch. Eine süffisant - provokanten Feststellung, die eine „Wiener“ Antwort herausfordert: selber schuld. Zwischen „Wien“ und „selber schuld“ leben Menschen, die mit ihrer Arbeit, vor allem Handarbeit, die Stadt zu einem einmaligen Ort auf dieser Welt machen: Daniela Leitner - Designerin, Robert Comploj - Glaskünstler, Yakup Kurtner - Silberschmied, Reinhardt Badegruber - Autor, Wolfgang Lederhaas - Parfümeur, die KochgenossINNen - im Kampf für authentische Speisen und Walter Leidenfrost - Küchenchef.”


Production SATEL-Film © 2018

Written and directed by Thomas Knoglinger

Camera Mattias Trinkl

Sound Eckhard Braun

Lighting David Haslinger

Cut Birgit Foerster

Producer Bettina Kuhn

CCA Gala

Sometimes a project gets rewarded which gives you the chance to finally celebrate with your fellow team members and see them all in fancy clothes. Thank you for the enjoyable collaboration! 

“Trump 365”: Silver, Bronze and honorable mention   In collaboration with: Scholz & Friends, Stefan Paul Kernjak, Christoph Schindelar, Belle & Sass, Lip Comarella and Sandra Reichl     “Vier Diamanten”: Bronze   In collaboration with: Reichl und Partner, Salon Alpin, Sandra Reichl, Christian Leitner und Christoph Schindelar

“Trump 365”: Silver, Bronze and honorable mention

In collaboration with: Scholz & Friends, Stefan Paul Kernjak, Christoph Schindelar, Belle & Sass, Lip Comarella and Sandra Reichl

“Vier Diamanten”: Bronze

In collaboration with: Reichl und Partner, Salon Alpin, Sandra Reichl, Christian Leitner und Christoph Schindelar

SMARTISTS - T-mobile

One day on the other side of the camera. See the whole campaign and other interviewed artists here.

Agency: Vice Austria



Learning how to weld, drill and bend metal made me earn some good points in the eyes of my homeworker dad :)

Metal sculpture produced as an asset for a commercial... 
more about the project coming soon.

with: Salon AlpinSandra Reichl, agency: reichl & partner



We recently won the VIEW AWARD CONTEST for BEST SHORT, judged by top industry professionals:Mark Osborne (Director Kung Fu Panda/The Little Prince), Alessandro Jacomini (Disney), Kim White (Pixar), Jason Bickerstaff (Pixar), Cinzia Angelini (Director MILA), Maria Elena Gutierrez (CEO & Director VIEW Conference) and James Salomoni.

Getting screened at festivals is an honor by itself but winning a competition is something exceptional you never really count on and thrills you all the more when it happens. 


Best Animated Short Film

Its GOLD, golden Goblet!

LATE SEASON wins the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival, Best Animated Short film.

After being blessed in Paris at the ECU Festival now also in China the jury believed and honored our little movie from Austria. Thank you so much, it means the world to the team and myself. Here some impressions of the festival collected by our sound designer and editor Silvio Canazei.




New tests in the making, teaming up with the evil mastermind Sandra Reichl. This time all about one of Vienna's true treasures, it's intricate building facades. More to come.



Directors in competition at ÉCU - European Independent Film Festival 2017.  

I had the chance to share the panel with Patricia Venti ( “Yellow Cab 1967. A Musical Hell” nominated in the category of best European Independent Short), Ely Chevillot  (Best Director winner of ÉCU 2017)  Merve Gezen (“Scrabble”) and Dawn Han (“Cork Man”)  and Paula Palacious (director of ”Promises Halimo Can’t Keep”).

Besides talking about our path that brought us to independent film everybody offered their experiences and thoughts about gender connotations of their profession and why in the industry women seem still vastly underrepresented. 
An insightful, sometimes heated but overall pleasant conversation was the result. Thank you for having me SHE SHOOTS.


SALON ALPIN featuring Daniela Leitner

In December I got the chance, together with my good friend and partner in crime Lip Comarella, to talk about our latest projects at CREATIVE MORNINGS VIENNA. Seeing our work on the big screen at Gartenbau Kino was a great experience and a friendly and interested audience made it even more worthy to get up early. Thank you CREATIVE MORNINGS for having us!


Vienna's Finest: Ander Pecher

I want to say a huge Thanks to Ander Pecher, the author of my of logo signature on my website. Just in case people were wondering where suddenly this great handwriting is coming from, it ain’t mine sadly. Ander is a true master of his own, not only for his drawing skills but also for his many ways to design type with attitude. He draws his letters in a wonderful lighthearted manner and I am honored to have recieved a great variety of signatures of DANIELA LEITNERs.

Hidden in the basement

During this summer my friends of Salon Alpin and me hid in cellars and studios working on an ambitious animation project. I look forward to show you what we ended up with. Here a playful snapshot of one of the working environments I found myself in.


ART@VENT is an annual two week event in "Ötztal" in the alps of Tyrol. It's a wonderful experience of nature, literature and culture. I was excited to have been invited to a work/hike experience in Vent, in the highest located village in Austria.

The region comes with a bouquet of stories and sagas, one of them in particular caught my attention. It talks about a guy named Doris, who makes a deal with the devil in exchange for hunting fortune. By an evil spell the devil holds the chamois in place so Doris would never miss his target. Read the whole saga here.

After hiking and experiencing the variety of textures, colors and forms of the area I visualised this moment with pencil and Papercraft.

The second invited artist on this adventure was Lip Comarella from Salon Alpin. He came up with a series of miniature sketches, both amazing in simplicity and spontaneity. It was lovely to see some elderly people of Vent immediately recognizing the illustrated locations, but at the same time pointing out, in polite but firm manner, the occasional accuracy flaws in the representation of their dear mountains.

Thank you for this wonderful time to Ursula Scheiber, Peter Stoeckl and the entire Art@Vent team.


We are very glad to have been part of the exhibition "AT FIRST SIGHT" at "Wien Museum Karlsplatz". Two of our last projects - created together with Salon Alpin - were chosen to complete the exhibition about young Illustrators from Vienna. It was a great experience being able to display our creations in a museum so very dear to me.

cake topper

Dear friends got married so I was very happy to be part of the cake team and sculpt the topper for that lovely surfing family! Sadly I can't show the whole cake because the photographer wasn't around at the right moment and soon after the delicous cake was no more. Big up to Martina Griesser who was the head of this endeavur.

Fun with paper

Inspired by George W. Harts geometrical sculptures, I did my own experiments and had fun with paper.
Here some of the outcome from charming giftboxes to Christmas tree decration.